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I was just checking my email at the GoDaddy.com site and came across Bob Parson’s “16 rules for success in business and life in general” (Bob is CEO and Founder of GoDaddy.com, and has also founded many successful software companies).  Check it out…I think it’s a good reminder, plus I always like being encouraged by other entrepreneurs.

Here are the 2 things that resonated with me during my 5 minutes on the site:

1) Rule #8 Be Quick to Decide — “A good plan violently executed today is far and away better than a perfect plan tomorrow” (General George S. Patton). 

Do you agree?

2) The GoDaddy.com site brings to life the company’s brand personality;  I recall when I set up my account with them, the customer service representative and tech support folks, also had the same sense of entrepreneurial spirit, urgency, and fun, all without taking themselves too seriously. It’s a good example of a company embracing their brand. (per our last blog post)

Have a great day. Happy Selling!


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I’ve been doing some networking in my local community.  At the second half of this post, I’ll share my experience, but first let’s talk about you.


You will meet interesting people who can help you meet your personal and professional goals, you will help other people meet their professional and personal goals, and you might make a new social contact.

How do you start networking? (or how should you start networking again?):

First, decide what your goal is. Do you want to grow your business, learn something new, change industries, build awareness for a cause, connect with new people in a similar profession/industry?

Second, call or email a couple of people who might have suggestions for new people you can meet. Don’t forget to catch up with the people you contact. They are probably glad to hear from you, and you may be able to help them with their own networking.

Third, consider attending a meeting or event that is of interest to you. Don’t force yourself to go to a function that is not of interest. Your time is valuable, and networking should not be a horrible chore, but rather something where you enjoy yourself, learn something new and hopefully move a step further to meeting your goal.

So, regarding my personal networking…

Over the past 6 weeks, I have sent a couple dozen, short emails, arranged 5 coffee meetings, and attended one industry meeting. Over the course of these interactions, I have

1) Learned about 6 community organizations that might be helpful to me professionally and personally. And, I have received personal invitations to attend 4 of these organization’s events.
2) I have introduced 2 colleagues to 2 of my new contacts. Networking works both ways which makes it all the more interesting.
3) I have learned about 8 new, cool technologies and marketing tools (which is my business;  you will learn about things related to your industry when you network)
4) I’ve added 15 people to my Linked In network
5) I’ve already run in to some of my new professional contacts in my personal, social circle. Small world.

The past 6 weeks has reminded me how important networking is for both personal and professional growth (not to mention, it might add a couple new business opportunities!) 

10 minute action:

1. Determine your objective for networking.
2. Take action. Make a call, invite someone to coffee, attend an industry meeting or event.


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