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As many of you know,  I have lately blogged at Balihoo, where I work, and have not been doing as much on rootbeermarketing.com. BUT…I think many of the Balihoo posts are relevant and useful to small business. Below is one that will be on the Balihoo site early next week. Let me know what you think…are you ready to do a Google Ad Word test? Maybe Beyoncé or The White House will be your next new customer!

I just read a great article, at the NYTimes.com, outlining a small business’ success using Google Ad Word. Definitely check it out!

My key take-aways from the article:

1. Be creative and specific with your keywords
2. Test, learn, repeat
3. Have a plan for how to continue the conversation with the customer–such as, a compelling website or microsite.
(FYI: This small business has done business with Beyoncé and The White House…and, in both cases, the company was found via online search!)

Have you tested any keywords lately? What have you learned? How have you improved your results?


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I was traveling this weekend and while I was on the plane I came across an informative article in PC Today magazine, “Web Basics–A business guide to getting started.” The article provides an overview on how to get started with your website development and provides a listing of website creation software and web hosting services.

Definitely worth a quick read if you are about to embark on building a website for your small business.

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